Annual Diabetes Awareness eMantlaneni

This annual event takes place in November every year as November is “Diabetes Awareness Month”. We started this event in 2016 November and we are currently on our third year running..... ...more

Kumkani Zwelonke Memorial

She said she could not imagine her life without her father. "Death is something we always know it's going to happen but no one prepares you for it," said Unathi. She expressed gratitude for example that her father set. "You always put other people first, and you treated all people with equal.... ...more

Abortion by the Womb of Democracy

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because those who look on and do nothing.... ...more

2nd Annual 4820 Got Talent

The Secont Edition of 4820 Got Talent was a resounding success... ...more

Some Pictures from the Mpondoland Marathon

The first edition of the Mpondoland Marathon. The 42km race is from Flagstaff to Lusikisiki... ...more

Lusikisiki Youth Demand Mpondoland University

The youth of the great Mpondoland has long been vocal about the need for a University in Lusikisiki. Mpondand (Lusikisikisi, Port St Johns, Ntabankulu, Flagstaff & Mbizana) people have long been at a disadvantage, having to ...more

Nomawele Njongo Interview

A review of Nomawele Njongo's Abortion by the Womb of Democracy

Enough is Enough

Lusikisiki Lukhathele Zizidlwenga nababulali abatefiswayo ngumthetho


Meet Lindekile Ndlokolo

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Will it level the playing field?

The Indigenous Games:

What are they?

SAMSA Maritime Opportunities

180 EC youth get nod

COGTA Investigation IHLM

Provincial leadership out for scalps

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